Double maneuverability and economical scooter.

The popularity of the scooter due to its ruggedness and maneuverability, ease of operation, in which the legs are in a position of rest on a special platform, and all the instruments, derived on the steering wheel, exclude the presence of a transmission and conventional functional difficulties.

economical scooter

Its accessibility, due to the low prices in relation to other vehicles and the possibility to use without a license in the minimal embodiment, with 50 cm3 volume of the engine, making it especially popular among the younger generation. Moto scooter is easy to use, economical in fuel consumption, the cost of spare parts, as well as compact, which is advantageous during the parking and storage.

It is very stylish, despite its specific tabouret landing. Keep in mind that this vehicle in its classic version is not intended for off-road conditions. The small diameter of the wheel will not allow to take even an obstacle in the form of small potholes.